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Nerd Series: Young Sheldon

By: Isabella Alves

Surely, we've all heard of Sheldon Cooper, the nerdy scientist who is part of the main cast of The Big Bang Theory series. What you may not know is that the series is based on true events, and Young Sheldon tells the story of Sheldon when he was just 9 years old.

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The Young Sheldon series shows the life of the main character Sheldon Cooper in his childhood, when he lived with his family in Texas. Although Sheldon is extremely intelligent for his age, he faces many challenges in dealing with other children and understanding the world around him. Over the course of the series, we see Sheldon mature and learn a lot about life, while he remains the same lovable nerd we all know and love.
However, in a recent episode of the series, Sheldon made a comment that may have upset some viewers. In a dialogue with Sheldon's mother, Mary, she asks if he has any friends at school. He responds by saying he doesn't need friends because he has the books and science. While this may have been just a joke, some viewers found it offensive and questioned whether the series was promoting the stereotype that nerds are lonely and friendless.

Positive parenting is an approach to parenting that emphasizes strengthening parent-child bonds and developing parenting skills. Apparently, Mary Cooper used this approach with Sheldon, as she always supported him in his interests, even when the other kids let him down. However, by making this comment, Sheldon seems to have misunderstood the concept and ended up offending his mother.

This incident raises the question of whether the series is being sensitive to different forms of parenting and children's needs. In addition, it also makes us question whether the series is doing a good job of representing nerds and geeks in the media.


Since the series debuted in 2017, Young Sheldon has become one of the most popular shows on CBS. The series follows the daily life of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), a prodigious 9-year-old boy, who enters secondary school after skipping two classes of elementary school. Despite his preternatural intelligence, Sheldon has trouble getting along with others, especially his family and classmates. Here are some of the main characters in the series:

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) – The show's protagonist and main character. Sheldon is a gifted 9-year-old boy who enters secondary school after skipping two classes of elementary school. He has a strong and sometimes arrogant personality, but he is also extremely sensitive and innocent. Despite his preternatural intelligence, Sheldon has trouble getting along with others, especially his family and classmates. Even so, Sheldon is an extremely kind and caring boy, especially with his family and friends.

George Cooper Sr. (Lance Barber) – Sheldon's father. George Sr. he is a hardworking man and a good father, although he sometimes has difficulty dealing with his prodigious son's strange behavior. He also has difficulty dealing with his wife Mary's strong personality, which sometimes dominates the family's decisions.

Mary Cooper (Zoe Perry) – Sheldon's mother. Mary is a kind and loving woman who would do anything for her children. She grew up in a religious family and tries to teach Christian values to her children, despite the many difficulties in doing so. Mary also has difficulty dealing with the strong personality of her husband, George Sr., who sometimes dominates the family's decisions.

Missy Cooper (Raegan Revord) – Sheldon's younger sister. Missy is a normal, active 6-year-old girl who does her best to include her older brother in her games, although she sometimes feels left out because of his preternatural intelligence. Missy is also extremely kind-hearted and protective of her family, especially Sheldon.

George Cooper Jr. (Montana Jordan) – Sheldon's older brother. George Jr. is a popular and sporty 14-year-old boy who is generally insecure around his younger brother. He is often ignored by his parents towards Sheldon, which makes him jealous at times. George Jr. he is also a good big brother, always willing to help Sheldon when needed.

Meemaw (Annie Potts) – Sheldon's paternal grandmother. Meemaw is a strong, independent woman who raised George Sr. by herself. She is extremely kind and loving to her family, especially Sheldon, and is always willing to help when needed. Meemaw also has a strong and sometimes explosive personality, which sometimes scares the people around her.

The plot

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will feel right at home with Young Sheldon. The series accompanies protagonist Sheldon Cooper in his childhood, showing what made him the brilliant scientist he is today.

Despite having a very high IQ, Sheldon is not an easy boy. He is extremely introverted and has difficulties dealing with people, especially when they do not understand his logical way of thinking.

Isolated from the world, Sheldon finds comfort in the figures of his mother and older brother, George Jr. Meanwhile, his whole family needs to deal with the boy's unusual genius and learn to live with him in the best way possible.

Where to Watch Young Sheldon Series

The Young Sheldon series is based on the life of actor Jim Parsons before starring in The Big Bang Theory series. The series follows the life of Sheldon Cooper in his childhood, showing how he became the genius we all know and love.

The series is shown in the United States by CBS and in Brazil by Warner Channel. 


In this article, we present the Young Sheldon series that every nerd should see. The series follows young Sheldon Cooper, a physics genius who lives in the Texas countryside, in the United States. Despite his extraordinary intelligence, Sheldon faces many challenges in everyday life. The series is a comedy and shows how difficult it can be for a young nerd to deal with life and the people around him.

After all, did you like to know more about it? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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