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Declaration of Exemption from Legal Duty

Are you aware of the meaning and relevance of the term Disclaimer? At Blog The Geek, we strive to build an open and sincere connection with our readers, regardless of their gender. We recognize that this expression in English may not be as common in Brazil, but it is vital to understanding our relationship with you. So let's dive together into exploring what exactly The Geek Blog Disclaimer is and why it deserves your attention!


It is essential to know that this section aims to provide valuable information to enrich your experience with us. Ignoring or not knowing these details could lead to misunderstandings about our blog, and we don't want that to happen, right? We're here to make your reading on Blog The Geek as enjoyable as possible! Below you will find important information. Let's go?


Blog The Geek does not, under any circumstances, request money to release financial products such as credit cards, financing or loans. If this occurs, please contact us immediately via the section Contact.


Our team is committed to keeping the information on up to date. However, they may differ from those available on the websites of financial institutions or other service providers. We are not responsible for any such discrepancies, including information related to specific products/services. Always consult the terms and conditions of the institutions you intend to hire.


How does Blog The Geek generate revenue? We offer completely free content, without paid subscriptions. Revenue comes from advertising and our partners. When a user requests a product or proposal through our referral, we receive an amount for it. Our content curation is guided by journalistic criteria, as well as partner influences, which includes the order and location of texts on the website. However, everything we publish is based on objective product reviews.

Services and Data

Blog The Geek, when using email Marketing or SMS services, will not send links to other portals, only to the registered domain ( We are not responsible for messages with different domains. It is up to you, the USER, to check the link address and, if it is not the same as that provided in this section, delete it, move it to the SPAM box or delete it from your cell phone. Version July 1, 2023.

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