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Series Every Nerd Should See: The X-Files

By: Isabella Alves

The X-Files series made its mark on television in the mid-90s. Featuring a story involving supernatural investigations, the series won over audiences with its mystery and suspense. In addition, the series dealt with relevant issues of American society at the time, such as racism, homophobia and domestic violence.

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Since the mid-1990s, TV series fans have been treated to a new genre: science fiction. That's because, in 1993, Fox premiered the X-Files series, which tells the investigations of Mulder and Scully, an FBI agent specializing in supernatural cases and a newcomer to the division, respectively. Although the investigations are always supernatural, the series is characterized by its realism: the characters face real problems, have normal doubts and fears. In addition, the series is known for its acidic humor and social criticism.

The X-Files Characters

The X-Files characters are as iconic as the series itself. The team of FBI agents investigating the supernatural cases is made up of Special Agent Fox Mulder, Special Agent Dana Scully, and Chief Walter Skinner. Each of the characters has their own unique personality and contributes significantly to the dynamic of the series.

Mulder is the main protagonist of the series and his character is defined by his deep desire to believe in the supernatural. He is incessantly looking for evidence that proves the existence of extraterrestrial life and other supernatural phenomena, which sometimes leads him to follow dubious leads. Although Scully is initially skeptical of Mulder's theories, she eventually becomes an important ally in the investigation of the cases. Together, the two agents form an unbeatable team that can solve the strangest cases.
Skinner is Mulder and Scully's boss and is often portrayed as a serious man of few words. He rarely gets involved in Mulder's supernatural theories, but ends up supporting him when he realizes that investigations can help clarify the mysteries of the universe.

In addition to the three main characters, The X-Files also features a wide variety of other secondary and supporting characters that play an important role in the series. These characters include FBI counselor Mitch Pileggi, parapsychologist Clyde Bruckman, FBI agent John Doggett, and FBI agent Monica Reyes. Each of these characters makes a unique contribution to the series and helps make it so memorable.

The plot of the series

The series is about a group of FBI investigators who specialize in supernatural cases. They are led by agent Fox Mulder, who is a firm believer in the existence of extraterrestrial life and other supernatural creatures. His partner, Dana Scully, is a skeptic who has been assigned to oversee Mulder's work and keep him in check. Together, they face a formidable challenge as they try to solve the mysteries behind the X-Files.
The series follows Mulder and Scully's journey as they investigate the strangest cases the FBI has ever faced. With each episode, they face some new supernatural threat or unexplained phenomenon. Meanwhile, Mulder continues to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life, while Scully tries to keep him grounded in reality. Together, they form a dynamic team that looks capable of taking on anything.

Why The X-Files Is A Great Show For Nerds

The X-Files is an American television series that follows the FBI's investigations into unsolved cases involving supernatural phenomena. The series is great for nerds for several reasons. First, the series has a cast and crew full of actors and professionals who truly believe in UFOs and other supernatural phenomena. This makes the series much more interesting and fun to watch. In addition, the series follows an episodic structure, which means that each episode is a different case that the protagonists have to solve. This keeps the viewer interested and always eager to see the next episode.
Finally, the series is full of pop culture and science fiction references, which is great for nerds. Some of the episodes are set in futuristic worlds, while others are set in completely different worlds, such as a planet inhabited by strange creatures. Each episode offers viewers something different to enjoy, which makes The X-Files a perfect series for nerds.


In recent years, The X-Files has grown in popularity among TV series fans. The series follows the adventures of Mulder and Scully, two FBI agents who investigate supernatural cases. The series is known for its mysteries, conspiracy theories and clever humor. If you haven't seen The X-Files yet, here are 5 reasons why you should watch it:

1. The main characters are awesome.
2. The mysteries of the series are engaging.
3. The series deals with interesting topics such as conspiracy theories and extraterrestrials.
4. The series is well balanced between humor and suspense.
5. You can watch the entire series online for free on some (legal) websites.
If you haven't watched The X-Files yet, now is the time to see what you've been missing!

After all, did you like to know more about it? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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