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A super movie: Star Trek

By: Isabella Alves

If you're a self-respecting nerd, I'm pretty sure Star Trek is on your list of favorite movies.

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What is Star Trek?

Star Trek is a media franchise that focuses on a science fiction television series, originally produced by NBC between 1966 and 1969. The franchise was relaunched with a film in 1979, followed by a series of films and other television series. over the years. The original story revolves around the crew of the spacecraft USS Enterprise, which explores space on behalf of the United Federation of Planets. The pilot chapter of the series features the Enterprise's mission to investigate the disappearance of an American spacecraft in Earth orbit.
The Star Trek franchise has become one of the most successful and enduring franchises in science fiction history, inspiring generations of fans around the world. The original series had a significant impact on pop culture, featuring some of science fiction's most iconic elements, such as the spaceship Enterprise and extraterrestrial beings called the Volcanoes. Subsequent series in the franchise featured new versions of the Enterprise and its crew, exploring different aspects of science fiction.

The difference between the classic series and the new one

The classic Star Trek series follows the adventures of the Enterprise on its mission to explore new worlds and civilizations. The new series, Star Trek: Discovery, is a more personal story that focuses on the Discovery crew and their personal and professional challenges.
While the classic series focused on the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and his friends, the new series puts a greater focus on the Federation's fight for survival against an ancient alien race.

Why Star Trek Matters to Nerds

Star Trek is a masterpiece of nerd cinema. Despite being an '80s movie, the franchise remains extremely popular with science-fiction fans to this day. The original series tells the story of the crew of the Enterprise, who travel through space exploring unknown planets and civilizations.

For many nerds, Star Trek is important because it represents science-fiction at its best. Fans appreciate the technological innovations and futuristic ideas present in the series. Furthermore, the franchise has a large cast of complex and interesting characters, which makes it even more fascinating for nerds.
Star Trek is also important because it popularized many of the elements that are common in science fiction today. For example, the series introduced the idea of a universe filled with alien civilizations, which ended up becoming a cliché in pop culture. It also popularized the concept of time travel, another common element in many science-fiction stories.

Ultimately, Star Trek is important to nerds because it's an extremely successful franchise. The original series had a long and successful career, and there are still many devoted fans of the franchise today. It goes to show that science fiction can be extremely popular and profitable, which is great for nerds who want to see more science fiction in theaters and on TV.

The franchise movies

The Star Trek films are a worldwide sensation, and every nerd should see at least one of them. The franchise is made up of 13 feature films and several spin-offs, each with their own fans. The top three TV series were Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1969), Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1999). In addition, there are four animated series: Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973-1974), Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020-) and two miniseries, Star Trek: Short Treks (2018-2019).

The movie soundtracks

The Star Trek soundtracks are always a big part of what makes the film so special. Music can help create suspense, joy or sadness, and sometimes it can even be used to tell a side story. If you're a Star Trek fan, then you probably have some of your favorite soundtracks.

The Star Trek animated series

The Star Trek animated series, or The Animated Series as it became known, is one of the most important and influential productions in the Star Trek franchise. Launched in 1973, the series consists of 22 episodes that were originally shown on NBC in the United States.

Although it was a ratings failure at the time, the series has gained a large number of fans over the years and has been highly praised by specialized critics. The series had a great impact on the Star Trek fictional universe and introduced several elements that would be explored in later productions, such as films and live-action series.

In addition, the series was also important for the development of modern Japanese animation, as it was co-produced by studoi Toei Animation. Several Japanese artists and animators worked on the series, and many of them became big names in the industry later on.

The series follows the adventures of the Enterprise crew, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, on their mission to explore new worlds and civilizations. The series is known for its innovative approach to various elements of the franchise, such as technology, alien races and scientific concepts.

The series is also known for its distinctive look, which was influenced by traditional Japanese animation. In addition, the series introduced several popular songs, such as the series' main theme, "Beyond the Rim of the Starlight".

Why Nerds Love Star Trek

Since its debut in 1966, Star Trek has captivated audiences with its science fiction and adventure story. The series followed the journeys of the spaceship USS Enterprise and its crew as they explored new worlds and faced a variety of threats. Star Trek remains popular with fans of all ages, especially nerds. Here are some of the reasons nerds love Star Trek:

1. The characters are awesome. Star Trek features some of pop culture's most beloved nerdy characters, including Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Bones McCoy and Uhura. Each of these characters has unique personalities that fans can relate to. In addition, the cast of actors who played these characters was excellent, making them even more memorable.

2.The series touches on deep themes. Star Trek is not just an adventure series, it also deals with profound themes such as war and peace, religion and ethics. These themes were cleverly explored in the series, which made Star Trek a much more meaningful TV show.

3. Technology is fascinating. One of the things that nerds love about Star Trek is the futuristic technology that is showcased in the series. From spaceships to computers, everything looks amazing on Star Trek. It's easy to imagine what it would be like to live in a world with this technology, which makes the series even more interesting for science fans.

4. The series is well done. In addition to having a great cast and tackling deep themes, Star Trek is also technically well done. The series was filmed on real locations, which made the scenes more believable. In addition, the series' soundtrack is excellent, which helps create an epic atmosphere for the Enterprise's adventures.

5. The series influenced other works of science fiction. Star Trek was one of the first science fiction series on television and influenced many later works, including Star Wars and Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's fascinating to see how one series can have so much influence on other works of science fiction.

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