Bus App: Everything you need to know

Bus App: Everything you need to know

By: Isabella Alves

Are you tired of missing the bus and not knowing when the next one will come and where you should go? What if I told you that there are apps for you to see where your bus is in real time!!! That's right, it sounds like a lie but it's the purest truth and what's better, you can see everything in real time in your mother's palm through a bus app! Come with us and we'll tell you more about this subject that can literally change the course of your life!

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An application available for Android and iOS, Moovit is completely free and provides a variety of information about cable cars, ferries, subways and buses. In addition, it manages to show all schedules, lines, routes and real-time information such as delays, congestion, accidents and number of people. In this sense, the app brings a diverse map with dynamic reading that is easy for lay readers to understand in a simple and error-free way.

At first, the application has the function with notifications that show line changes, delays, errors, overcrowding and strikes. It also informs the stopping points of each means of transportation, bringing great practicality and leaving you as close as possible to your destination.

Another incredible advantage is being able to filter searches and be comprehensive in more than 150 Brazilian cities.

CittaMobi Bus App

Totally free and also compatible with Android and iOS, CittaMobi is a super complete application that provides real-time updates on public transport. Through the App you can enter your destination, and thus receive a forecast of arrival and are alerted to possible unforeseen events such as rain, accidents and route deviations.

In addition, you can recharge your public transport card through the application itself and still use contactless payment.

In this sense, it is worth remembering that the bus app is present in over 16 Brazilian states and with potential growth for the rest of Brazil.

where is the bus

Another bus application is Where is the bus which is available for Android and iOS as well. However, despite being very complete, the app is only available for the State of São Paulo.

On the other hand, it brings super relevant information for users of public transport in São Paulo, such as CPTM, SPTrans and subway alerts. In addition, it brings geographic information of all municipal and intercity lines with all the availability of the itinerary.

Bus app: Quicko

An application that brings together bus schedules and route tracking is perfect for any Android and iOS cell phone. In addition, you can view the position of your bus in real time and with an estimated arrival date.

Other Bus Application Options

  • CityMapper
  • Google Maps
  • go by bus
  • Next Bus Curitiba

After all, did you like to know more about it? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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