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Everything You Need to Know About Boruto Anime

By: Marcus Vinicius

Ever since the Boruto anime was released, it has been extremely popular, especially among fans of the Naruto anime. The anime follows the adventures of Boruto, the son of legendary ninja Naruto Uzumaki, and his friends as they train to become ninjas. Although many fans love the anime, there are some fun facts about it that you might not know.

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What is Anime Boruto?

The Boruto anime is a Japanese television series based on the manga of the same name and is the direct continuation of the popular Naruto series.

The story follows protagonist Boruto Uzumaki, son of legendary ninja Naruto Uzumaki, on his adventures as a ninja training at the Ninja Academy. Meanwhile, a mysterious shinobi named Momoshiki Otsutsuki appears and threatens to destroy the village of Konoha.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was officially announced by Shueisha on June 10, 2016, the 11th anniversary of Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The first episode aired on April 5, 2017.
The series is currently airing in Japan and the United States on Crunchyroll.

Interesting Facts About Anime Boruto

Boruto is the anime released in 2017 that has as its protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, the legendary ninja who became Hokage. The anime follows the adventures of Boruto, the son of Naruto, and his friends as they try to become the best ninja in the village of Konoha.

Since its release, the Boruto anime has been a hit in Japan and around the world. Here are some fun facts about this amazing anime:

-Boruto was created by author Masashi Kishimoto, who also created the classic anime Naruto.

-The name “Boruto” is a combination of the words “rubber” and “torda”, which represent the personalities of the two protagonists – Boruto and Naruto.

-The first season of the Boruto anime has 52 episodes.

-Several characters from the classic anime Naruto make cameo appearances in Boruto, including Sakura Haruno, Sai, and Shikamaru Nara.
-The Boruto anime was first shown in Japan on April 5, 2017.

Boruto anime characters

Boruto Uzumaki is the main character of the anime, son of the legendary ninja Naruto Uzumaki. His mother is Hinata Hyuga and his older brother is Himawari Uzumaki. Boruto was trained by the ninja Sarada Uchiha and became a shinobi for the village of Konohagakure.

Sarada Uchiha is the daughter of ninja Sasuke Uchiha and ninja Sakura Haruno. She was trained by Ninja Konohamaru Sarutobi and became a shinobi from the village of Konohagakure, where she met and became friends with Boruto Uzumaki.

Mitsuki is an artificial shinobi created by Orochimaru with the aim of being his successor. Mitsuki is extremely loyal to Orochimaru and will do anything he orders. However, when he meets Boruto Uzumaki, Mitsuki begins to question his orders and decides to follow him instead.
Konohamaru Sarutobi is the nephew of the ninja Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. He was also trained by the ninja Jiraiya and became a shinobi for the village of Konohagakure. Konohamaru trained Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha so they could become strong ninja.

Shikadai Nara is the son of ninja Shikaku Nara and ninja Ino Yamanaka. He is a student of the Nara Clan and a member of Boruto Uzumaki's team at the Ninja Academy. Shikadai likes strategies and is a professional shogi player.

Boruto's Plot

The anime Boruto follows the story of Naruto Uzumaki, now a respected ninja and known as Hokage, the leader of the village of Konoha. Meanwhile, their son Boruto is starting his journey as a ninja. Throughout the plot, we will follow the relationship between father and son, as they learn and grow together. In addition, other important characters from the Naruto anime will also be part of Boruto's plot, continuing their stories.
In addition, the plot will also be able to be seen from the point of view of other important characters, such as Sarada Uchiha, daughter of Sakura and Sasuke. All this will lead us to a new journey in ninja history.

Many fans are wondering what the difference between Boruto and Naruto is. Therefore, we decided to create an article to clarify this doubt and make a comparison between the two animes. But first, so that you have a general idea about the topic, let's talk about the similarities between the two animes.

The similarities between the animes are clear in the first seasons: the focus is on training Shinobi with the mission of protecting their village; there are wars between villages and peace is achieved through dialogue and the effort of all involved; There are tough trainings, fights and a lot of adventure.

Another point in common is the fact that both Naruto and Boruto have charismatic characters, who conquer the hearts of the public. Still, despite the similarities, there are some differences between the anime that make each one unique.

The first big difference is in the focus of the plot. While Naruto focuses on the struggles to establish peace, Boruto focuses on the relationship between father and son and the formation of the new generation of ninja. Another interesting point is that, while Naruto followed the concept of “nindō”, which is the ninja philosophy, Boruto presents a new philosophy, “ninjutsu”, which is based on technology.

Another important difference is in the main characters. While Naruto is the protagonist of his anime, Boruto is a supporting character in the anime that bears his name. In addition, other important characters, such as Sakura and Sasuke, also gain prominence in Boruto's plot.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the two anime are great options for those who like adventure, fights and exciting stories. Therefore, it is up to the viewer to choose which of the two anime to follow.

Anime Boruto reviews

Many fans of the Naruto anime were extremely critical of the release of the new Boruto anime. They claim that the new anime isn't as good as its predecessor and that it's getting worse and worse as it goes along. Furthermore, other fans say that Boruto is just following the same standards as his father and not innovating in any way.


After reading this article, we hope you've learned some new things about the Boruto anime! The anime is really popular and looks like it will be for a while. It's a great show to watch if you're looking for something fun and action-packed. We hope you enjoy the anime as much as we do!

After all, did you like to know more about it? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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