Gardening App: Take Better Care of Your Plants

Gardening App: Take Better Care of Your Plants

By: Isabella Alves

Are you crazy about plants and don't know how to take care of yours? Are you thinking of starting a garden or buying some plants and don't know where to start? With that in mind, we brought you a list of super easy and functional gardening apps that will help you make your little plants healthy, blooming and super beautiful.

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Gardening doesn't have to be a seven-headed bug! We know that gardening has its difficulties, however, with the right tips you can have beautiful plants without much effort and spending little money.


A gardening application that can be downloaded by Android and iOS users, it makes it easy to identify a plant through a photo or image! In this sense, through a database with more than 4,000 cataloged plant species, you can identify which plant you have at home and how you can take care of it more effectively.

In addition, the app is super reliable and was developed by teams from the Tela Botânica network, INRIA, INRA, IRC, CIRAD and Fundação Agropolis. That is, the application information is safe and correct, increasing the chances of you being successful with your little plant.

Gardening App: Waterbot

Are you that person who forgets to water your little plants and when you remember it's too late? With that in mind, we put Waterbot on the list of gardening apps, which is an app that reminds you to water your plants at the right time. It is completely free and available for Android and iOS alike. It is perfect for those who forget to water or for those people who water too much. In this way, through it you can place your plant and it will analyze the number of waterings per day for that type of species. In this sense, your little plant will be healthier, more beautiful and flowering (if applicable).

Garden Tags

Another free gardening app available for iOS and Android is Garden Tags. Through this app you can also identify which plant you have at home (or the one you think is beautiful and want to buy). In this sense, after identification you get information about the plant and that way you can take care of it much more effectively, leaving it beautiful and healthy.

Also, you can share your experiences with other app participants.

Gardening App: iNaturalist

A free app with very high popularity and recommendations, iNaturalist is one of the most suitable for those who want to take better care of their little plants. In that sense, it brings the option of identifying your little plant and tips on how to take care of it the best possible. In addition, it is available for iOS and Android, making it perfect for anyone who wants to start taking better care of their little plants at home.

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After all, did you like to know more about it? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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