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When was Brazil's first goal in the world cup?

By: Marcus Vinicius

Do you know when the Brazilian team scored its first goal in the world cup? So come with us and we'll tell you this whole story.

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Brazil had its debut in the first World Cup in 1930, in Uruguay. On the occasion, the Canadian team faced Yugoslavia, but lost 2-1, with goals from Preguinho. This was Brazil's first goal in the history of the cups.
The following day, the country played its first match in a soccer world cup. And, to further boost the spirits of the Brazilians, the team won 4-2 against Bolivia.

Preguinho and Pimenta scored the goals for Brazil. Todeschini and Baldivieso were responsible for swinging the opponents' nets. This victory allowed Brazil to remain in the leadership of the Uruguay group, until then the most competitive group of the international tournament.

The next challenge was precisely against those who had defeated the Brazilians in the first game: the Yugoslavs. The game was very balanced and ended in a 2-2 tie, with goals from Preguinho and Pimenta on the Brazilian side; Bora Kostic and Aleksandar Tirnanic, on the side of the Yugoslavs.

With this result, Brazil ended its participation in the first World Cup in second place in its group, behind only Yugoslavia.

Brazil's first goal in the world cup

Brazil's first goal in the world cup was scored by the player Preguinho, against Yugoslavia, in a game that ended 2-1 for the opponent. This historic goal was scored during the first world cup in Uruguay.

Brazil's performance in the world cups

The Brazilian football team is one of the most successful in the world, with 5 world titles.

However, Brazil's performance in the world cups has been uneven. The selection only managed to reach the semi-finals of the competition on 4 occasions, two of which were in the years 1950 and 2014. In addition, Brazil never managed to win the title outside the American continent.

The Brazilian team had its best campaign in the 1970 World Cup, when it reached the final of the competition. That year, the team was made up of great players like Pelé, Carlos Alberto and Jairzinho. Unfortunately, the team ended up losing the final to West Germany 2-1.
Since then, Brazil has not been able to repeat the performance of 1970 and has suffered from many eliminations in the early stages of the world cups. 

Reactions to Brazil's first goal

Brazil's first goal in the world cup was scored by the player Preguinho. This goal is considered one of the most important in the history of Brazilian football, as it showed the world that Brazil was a country to be reckoned with in football. After this goal, Brazil won five more world cups and became one of the most winning nations in the history of this sport.
People who watched the goal scored were surprised and very impressed. They didn't expect Brazil to be able to score such a beautiful and emotional goal. Some people wept with joy, while others began to sing and dance. Most people that day felt proud to be Brazilian and to be alive to see this historic goal.

The Brazilian team at the World Cup

Brazil is a big star in the world cup. The Brazilian team is one of the favorites to win the competition. The Brazilian team has already won the world cup five times, the last one being in 2002. The Brazilian team is one of the most popular teams and has a large number of fans around the world.

In the next cup, which takes place in 2022, Brazil will be represented by the following stars:

Neymar – The Paris Saint-Germain striker is the big name of the Brazilian national team. Neymar is one of the most talented players in the world and has great finishing power. He is also skilled with his feet and has a great sense of positioning.

Gabriel Jesus – The Manchester City striker is another young promise for the Brazilian national team. Gabriel Jesus is a fast player and has good control of the ball. He is also skilled in finishing and tends to score a lot of goals.

Philippe Coutinho – The Barcelona attacking midfielder is another player who stands out in the Brazilian national team. Philippe Coutinho is a creative player and has great shots. He also tends to score a lot of goals from outside the area.

Allan – The Napoli midfielder is one of the most experienced players in the Brazilian national team. Allan is a strong player and has good mobility. He is also very good at marking and tends to make a lot of accurate passes to the forwards.

Thiago Silva – The Paris Saint-Germain defender is the leader of the defense of the Brazilian team. Thiago Silva is an experienced player and has good marking ability. He is also skilled in the air and often provides great assists for forwards.
Alisson – The Liverpool goalkeeper is another experienced player in the Brazilian national team. Alisson is a confident goalkeeper and has great defensive skills. He also usually makes good exits and is very good in the air.

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