Watch your telenovelas on your cell phone through applications!

Watch your telenovelas on your cell phone through applications!

By: Samuel Campos

Watching your telenovelas has never been as easy as it is now! See all for applications on your mobile

If you are passionate about telenovelas and don't want to miss anyone, there are several application options available to watch them on your cell phone at any time and place. In addition, you can marathon your favorites in one place. Incredible Suena, really?!

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Globo Play

One of the options is Globo Play, where you will find a wide selection of telenovelas with exceptional image quality and sound, in addition to films, series and documentaries. However, this application requires a monthly subscription, the cost of which may vary depending on the chosen plan. See more here.

Free online novels

Another option is Novelas Online Gratis, a totally free application that offers telenovelas from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Venezuela. With this application, you can watch television channels online on your cell phone. However, it is not possible to watch soap operas outside the programming schedule or in the past.

pluto tv

Pluto TV works like a cable television and allows you to watch the soap operas that are currently being broadcast. In this case, you must follow the programming of the channels and you do not have the flexibility to choose the time and day you want to watch them.

Cellular soap operas: Vix

Another free option is Vix, an easy-to-use application that offers more than a thousand national and international options. You can watch these telenovelas when and where you want on your cell phone. However, the application shows ads that may be annoying for some viewers.

In addition to these options, there are other applications available to watch telenovelas. Some are free, like Novelas Play and Novelas Flix, while others are paid, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discovery and HBO Max.

And then, would you like to know how this application works so that you can follow it all? So leave your comment and don't forget to send it to your friends and family so that they can also see it.

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