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The Meaning of Each Number on the World Cup Shirts

By: Marcus Vinicius

A football player's shirt carries much more than just the name and number. Each player has a story, a style of play, a personality – all of this is translated into the shirt colors and numbers. But do you know the meaning of each number on the World Cup jerseys?

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The importance of number 1

The number 1 jersey is always reserved for the goalkeeper, and that is no coincidence. The goalkeeper is the last line of defense and therefore has the responsibility of keeping score. In addition, the goalkeeper is one of the leaders of the team and needs to have a lot of confidence to face the opposing attackers.
The number 1 shirt is considered one of the most prestigious in football, and many players dream of being the goalkeeper for their clubs. Some of the best goalkeepers in the world have worn the number 1 throughout their careers, such as Peter Schmeichel, Gianluigi Buffon and Manuel Neuer.

the number 2

The second position in the number table symbolizes second place. It's the position all players and coaches hope to reach, but only one team can emerge victorious. The number two is a position of respect and represents the persistence needed to reach the top.

The number 3 and football

The number 3 is a number that has been linked to football since the early days of the sport. He is position number three, also known as the third quarterback. This position was extremely important in the early years of football, when teams played with three defenders. In recent years, with the popularization of the 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3, this position has been losing importance, but it is still a number often used by defensive players. Some of the greatest football players in history, such as Paolo Maldini and Roberto Carlos, wore the number 3 throughout their careers.
Also, number 3 is quite popular number among football fans. It can be seen on shirts, flags and fan banners around the world. The number 3 is also used to represent the third division of many football leagues, which shows that it is linked to all levels of the sport.

The number 4 and luck

Number 4 is considered a lucky number in Chinese and Japanese culture. In China, the number 4 is pronounced as “si”, which has the same pronunciation as the Chinese word for “death”. For this reason, the number 4 is avoided by many people in China and Japan. However, number 4 is also considered a lucky number in some Eastern European countries like Poland.
Number 4 in Numerology

In numerology, the number 4 is considered a practical and realistic number that represents stability, order and organization. Number 4 can also represent perseverance and hard work. People who identify with the number 4 are generally reliable, loyal and faithful. They are generally good at organization and planning, and they make good leaders. However, people with angel number 4 can also be stubborn and inflexible.

The number 5 and the victory

The number 5 on the Brazilian national team shirt is associated with victory. That's because, in the five World Cups that Brazil won, the penta stamped the team's shirt in all of them.

Therefore, the number 5 is a symbol of luck and represents the power of victory in Brazil. In addition, the number is also a tribute to the five continents of the world, as the Brazilian team is considered the best on the planet.
The penta also represents the “flame”, which symbolizes the desire to win.

No wonder the number 5 is immortalized on the shirt of the Brazilian team: this is a strong symbol for our national team!

The number 6 and Brazil

The number 6 is a traditional position in football, and Brazil has a history of great players in the position. In this World Cup, the Brazilian team is represented by Casemiro, a 26-year-old midfielder who plays for Real Madrid.

Casemiro is the prototype of the 6 player: strong, experienced and skilled on the ground. He has been important for Real Madrid in recent years, helping the team win three consecutive Champions Leagues. In Brazil, he will have the responsibility of leading the team in search of the fifth World Cup.

Number 7 and the King of Football

The number 7 represents the king of football. He is a symbol of perfection, magic and greatness. The number 7 is the lucky number for many players and fans. It's the number every player wants to have on their shirt.
Number 7 is considered one of the most powerful and magical numbers in the world. He is associated with luck, success and prosperity. The number 7 is considered the symbol of perfection and harmony. He is also a symbol of protection and strength.

Number 7 has been used by many people over the years to represent their ideals and goals. He is an icon that symbolizes the fight against evil, justice and freedom. Number 7 is a symbol of hope and victory.

Number 7 is present in various religions and cultures around the world. He is an important icon in the Christian religion, in which he represents the seven deadly sins.

Usually the best players are with the number 7 or the captains.

shirt 10

The football shirt is the biggest symbol of a player. It's the athlete's identity on the field, and sometimes it can say a lot about their personality off the field. At the World Cup, the shirt is even more important. She represents an entire country and all of its fans. That's why the choice of shirt number is so important. Each number has a special meaning in the World Cup and can influence a player's performance.

The number 10 shirt is traditionally reserved for the most talented and creative player on the team. He is the player who can make the difference in a game with a good move or decisive goal. The number 10 shirt is usually worn by top team leaders, those who inspire others with their performances on and off the pitch. Some of the greatest players in history have worn the number 10 shirt, including Pelé, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.

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