Your Weight is Different on the Moon, Did You Know?

By: Marcus Vinicius

It sounds like a lie, but your weight is different on other planets and even on the Moon! Find out in this article how this is possible and what factors influence your weight.

Why is your weight different on the moon?

When you are on Earth, your weight is determined by your mass and the force of gravity. Mass is the measure of how much matter is in an object, while the force of gravity is the force that pulls an object towards the center of the Earth. On the Moon, the force of gravity is less, which means that your weight is also less.
The Earth has a greater mass than the Moon, which means that the force of gravity is greater on Earth. On the Moon, the force of gravity is less because the Moon has a smaller mass.

What does this have to do with gravity?

In fact, it has a lot to do! The difference in weight is caused by the difference in gravity between the Earth and the Moon. Since the Moon has less mass than the Earth, its gravity is less. This means that objects on the Moon weigh less than objects on Earth.
The difference in gravity also explains why astronauts on the Moon jump higher than people on Earth. The force of gravity is what keeps people rooted to the ground, so if the force of gravity is less, people can jump higher.

How is it possible that I weigh less on the moon?

How is it possible that I weigh less on the moon?
The force of gravity is less on the Moon than on Earth, which means that objects weigh less there. The difference is not very big – a human who weighs 100 kg on Earth, for example, will only weigh 16 kg on the Moon. This happens because the mass of the Moon is only 1/6 of the Earth's mass.

What else affects my weight on Earth?

The force of gravity is what most affects your weight on Earth. Gravity is the force responsible for pulling objects towards the center of the Earth. The greater the mass of the object, the stronger the gravity. Therefore, you weigh a little more on Earth than on the Moon. On the Moon, gravity is only 1/6 of Earth's gravity, so you weigh less on the Moon than on Earth.
Other factors that can affect your weight on Earth include altitude and latitude. The higher you are, the less dense the atmosphere and, consequently, you will weigh a little less. Latitude can also have a small effect, as the Earth is a little flat at the poles and a little elongated at the equator.


Although we still don't have conclusive proof, we believe that the effect of the Moon's gravity on our bodies may be responsible for our weight fluctuating slightly when we are on Earth and on the Moon. Because the Moon's gravitational pull is slightly less than Earth's, our bodies are able to support a little more weight when we're on the Moon. However, this effect is so small that we shouldn't worry about it when planning our trips to the Moon!

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