Take the Pregnancy Test + Baby Sexing on your Cell Phone

Take the Pregnancy Test + Baby Sexing on your Cell Phone

Por: Isabella Alves

Find out if you are pregnant and the sex of your baby completely online from your cell phone!

Currently, technology plays a fundamental role in many aspects of our lives, and the healthcare sector is an example of this. A notable advancement is the ability to use smartphone apps to check the likelihood of pregnancy. This has changed the way people react and seek instant information about pregnancy.

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These apps operate by evaluating information provided by users, such as the date of the last menstruation and other symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. Using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, these apps can calculate, with reasonable accuracy, the chance of pregnancy. Additionally, they provide insights into fetal development, common pregnancy symptoms, and advice on prenatal care.

Could You Be Pregnant?

If you’ve noticed changes in your body or your menstruation is late, you may be wondering about the possibility of being pregnant. Waiting to undergo a medical examination or purchase a pharmacy test can be stressful.

Apps for Checking Pregnancy Probability

Have you ever thought about how technology has evolved? It may sound strange, but there are apps that help check the probability of pregnancy. Most of these apps are free and compatible with Android or iOS systems. In general, they include questionnaires about symptoms associated with pregnancy. Although they are not as accurate as medical tests, based on your answers, they can suggest the likelihood of you being pregnant.

Can We Trust the Results of These Apps?

For a long time, there have been doubts about the reliability of these apps in detecting pregnancy. Many people prefer to rely on blood tests or pharmacy tests. Although these apps are not 100% accurate, they provide a first impression of the possibility of pregnancy.

Some Apps for Checking Pregnancy Probability

There are different apps available, each with its own features. Some examples are:

  • Virtual Pregnancy Test: This app, through a series of questions and symptom assessment, helps you understand whether you may be pregnant or not. It also provides various tips and useful information.
  • Pregnancy Test – Symptoms: This software presents a questionnaire of about fifteen questions about early pregnancy symptoms. At the end, it indicates a percentage probability of you being pregnant.
  • Pregnancy Scanner: This app functions as a fingerprint reader. By placing your finger on the sensor, it analyzes your fingerprint and, after a brief period, indicates a positive or negative result.
  • Pregnancy Checker: It works similarly to the previous one, where you can answer questions based on symptoms and, in the end, obtain a probability of pregnancy.

Pros and Cons of Apps

These apps have various advantages, such as comprehensive questionnaires, data logging, pregnancy probability estimates, and user-friendly interfaces. However, it is essential to remember their limitations, such as the lack of complete accuracy and potentially limited resources.

Determining Baby’s Gender

If you’ve discovered your pregnancy and are curious about the baby’s gender but can’t afford specific tests or wait for an ultrasound, there’s an option for you: the Chinese gender calculator, available for free on various websites.

However, it is vital to understand that these apps are not substitutes for traditional pregnancy tests, such as urine and blood tests. They are more suitable for providing an initial insight and helping make future decisions.

In summary, pregnancy-checking apps are useful and practical for women to monitor their reproductive health. They serve as an informative option regarding pregnancy but should not be the sole source of confirmation.

So, what do you think of these technological tools for checking pregnancy or your baby’s gender? Let us know in the comments and share with your acquaintances!

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