One of the best anime available: Vinland Saga

By: Marcus Vinicius

In this article, we're going to explore a bit of the world of anime and Japanese culture. Vinland Saga is an anime based on the true story of a Viking who dreams of finding a land to call home. Despite being fiction, the anime addresses relevant themes such as violence, corruption and survival.


Vinland Saga is an anime that tells the story of Thorfinn, a Viking who becomes a mercenary in search of revenge after the murder of his father. Over the course of the series, he and his companions travel to different parts of the Viking world and face powerful enemies, while also learning more about the history and culture of this period.
The series is based on a manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The manga was first serialized in Japan in 2005, and is still in publication. In 2015, Kodansha announced that the manga had sold over four million copies in print.

Although Vinland Saga is a fictional story, it also contains historical elements. The manga mainly follows the story of the governor of Iceland named Thorvald Eiriksson and his journey to Vinland (present-day Newfoundland) in the 11th century. The series also features other historical events such as the Norman invasion of England and the reign of English King Cnut the Great.

What is Anime Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga is an anime based on a true story that takes place during the Viking Age. The series tells the story of Thorfinn, a Viking warrior who seeks revenge against Askeladd, the man who killed his father.

Throughout the series, we follow Thorfinn on his journey to become the best warrior and find Askeladd. At the same time, we see how he deals with the difficult choices he needs to make and the horrors of war.

Vinland Saga is an amazing series that shows a different side of the Vikings: they are not just bloodthirsty barbarians, but complex people with desires and dreams. In addition, the series also presents us with epic battles and wonderfully detailed scenarios.
With a captivating storyline and memorable characters, Vinland Saga is a series not to be missed.

Why is this Anime so Popular?

Vinland Saga is an anime based on the Japanese comic book of the same name, created by Makoto Yukimura. The anime follows the story of the main character, Thorfinn, a Viking boy who wants to take revenge for his father's death.

The series was very well received by audiences and critics, being praised for its animation, characters and plot. Many fans consider Vinland Saga to be one of the best anime released in recent years.

Some of the reasons anime is so popular are:

– The quality of the animation: Wit Studio, responsible for the animation of Vinland Saga, is one of the most renowned anime producers in Japan. They are known for working on some of the most popular anime of recent years, such as Attack on Titan and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

– The characters: the characters in the anime are extremely well developed and complex, which makes them very interesting to follow.

– The plot: the story of the anime is extremely well written and interesting, keeping the viewer hooked to the screen throughout the series.

Plot and Characters

Viking stories have become extremely popular in recent years, thanks to series like Game of Thrones and Vikings. The anime Vinland Saga is an adaptation of the homonymous manga by Makoto Yukimura, which tells the story of Thorfinn, a Viking warrior who wants to avenge his father's death.

Throughout the series, we follow Thorfinn on his journey to become the ultimate Viking warrior as he battles powerful enemies and learns about the harsh realities of life in these dark times. In addition, the anime also introduces us to other interesting characters, such as Canute, the Viking king who dreams of unifying all tribes; Askeladd, the skilled leader of the mercenaries; and Thorkell, the giant warrior who becomes one of Thorfinn's most faithful allies.

With an exciting plot and complex characters and density the Vinland Saga is undoubtedly one of the most interesting anime that you can watch right now.

One of the best things about the Vinland Saga anime is the immersion it manages to offer the viewer, and this is mainly due to its excellent soundtracks. The music manages to be quite varied, with themes ranging from intense to calm, depending on the situation in which the characters find themselves. The battles are always exciting and even allow us to listen to some classic covers of the Viking age, which is great for fans of this musical genre. The voice acting is also well done, with experienced voice actors bringing the Vinland Saga characters to life.

Where to Watch Anime Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga is an anime based on a manga of the same name written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The manga was first serialized in 2005, and so far 15 volumes have been released. In Japan, the anime first aired in 2019 and is still ongoing with 24 episodes.

In Brazil, the anime is being shown by the Crunchyroll channel.


The Vinland Saga series is one of the most popular of its kind and arguably one of the best productions in history. Its engaging plot and its charismatic characters conquered the public from the beginning.

Despite its popularity, the series is still relatively new and, therefore, there are many fans who have not yet had the opportunity to watch it. If you're one of them, you're missing out on a great anime!

Vinland Saga is a work of great quality and deserves the public's full attention. You certainly won't regret watching!

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