Back to the Future, a must-see movie for all nerds

By: Sophia Alves

The 1980s were a special time for nerds. Looking back on that decade, there's a movie that sticks in every nerd's mind and has a special little place in their memory.


As everyone knows, the nerd genre is on the rise. Therefore, it is only fair that we list here the best films for those who want to feel like a true nerd! 

One of the most loved ones is Back to the Future – Of course, this movie couldn't be left out of this list. Back to the Future is an '80s classic and certainly one of any nerd's favorite movies. The film's story is simply brilliant and we follow the protagonist Michael J. Fox on an incredible journey through time. Without a doubt, a movie that every nerd should watch!

Back to the future

Back to the Future is one of the most successful films in cinema history. Released in 1985, the film tells the story of a young scientist who, along with his friend, travels through time to try to prevent his father from falling in love with his mother.

Despite being a science fiction film, Back to the Future is full of references to 80's pop culture and classic films of the genre. In addition, the film has an incredible soundtrack, composed by legendary composer John Williams.

If you haven't seen Back to the Future yet, go watch it! It's a movie every nerd should see.

The franchise movies

The three films in the “Back to the Future” franchise are great examples of what a good science fiction film can be. Also, the series is really fun and well done, with a brilliant cast. If you haven't seen the movies, go watch them now!
“Back to the Future” (1985)

The first film in the series is probably the most popular. It tells the story of a boy named Marty McFly who is transported into the past by a mad scientist named Dr. Emmett Brown. There, he needs to help his father conquer the girl of his dreams and prevent his brother from being arrested.

Marty also needs to get back to the present before Dr. Brown could be murdered by a thug from the past. The film is fun, exciting and full of unexpected twists. It's definitely one of the best examples of science fiction ever made.

“Back to the Future II” (1989)

The second film in the series is perhaps even better than the first. In it, Marty and Dr. Brown travel to the future to stop a crook from stealing a time machine. There, they face various challenges, such as avoiding being caught by the police of the future and dealing with the world's advanced technologies.

The film also features a surprising change in history: Marty is transported to an alternate future in which his father is a crook and his mother is dead. To correct the course of history, Marty must step into his father's role and help his brother do the same.

“Back to the Future III” (1990)

The third film in the series is perhaps the least popular, but it's still a great example of science fiction. In it, Marty and Dr. Brown are transported to the year 1885, where they need to stop a bandit from the future from stealing the time machine.

Marty also gets involved with a girl from the past named Clara, and the two end up falling in love. In the end, Marty and Dr. Brown manage to get back to the present, but Clara stays behind.

The “Back to the Future” series is a sci-fi classic that everyone should watch. If you haven't seen the movies, go watch them now!

the universe of movies

From the first dialogues, it is noticeable how brilliantly the plot of Back to the future is built. The story hooks us right from the start, with a mix of adventure, suspense and comedy that won't leave anyone indifferent. In addition, the creativity of director Robert Zemeckis means that we are constantly surprised by the plot twists.

Lessons movies teach us

Movies can teach us valuable lessons about life, love, friendship and much more. Here are some of the lessons movies teach us:

1. Life is precious and should be enjoyed.
2. People are more important than things.
3. Love conquers all.
4. Friendship is one of life's most precious treasures.
5. Everything happens for a reason.
6. Hope always triumphs over fear.
7. Persistence always pays in the long run.
8. Time is the greatest gift we can give someone.


Back to the Future is a movie every nerd should see. Not only is it a great example of science fiction, but it's also extremely entertaining. Also, the cast is amazing and the story is very well told.

After all, did you like to know more about it? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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